The ESMT Coaching Colloquium

ESMT Coaching Colloquium has developed in a "must-attend" event for the world's leading coaches who take their personal development and the professionalization of the coaching activities seriously. Every year executive coaches from all over the world engage in a stimulating peer review of each other's difficult coaching situations and offer intense peer supervision to their colleagues. Presentations and workshops from academics, HR practitioners, and fellow coaches complement the program. In addition, the Colloquium is a great networking opportunity. This is a non-commercial ESMT event. Participation is subject to acceptance by the convenors of the Colloquium. For more information please check the Colloquium page.


The 7th ESMT-KDVI Coaching Colloquium with the topic "Coaching Leaders for Followership" takes place on December 4-5, 2015 in Berlin.


The 8th ESMT-KDVI Coaching Colloquium with the topic "Is it normal?" takes place on December 16-17, 2016 in Berlin.

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