I am an Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Leadership Development Research at the ESMT - European School of Management and Technology in Berlin, Germany.

I work at a dynamic business school created by the leading global corporations with European roots. My classroom experience informs my intellectual efforts, and the results of the latter are brought back into my teaching to be tested by demanding participants who face difficult tasks of leading people in these demanding times.

This book gives a good impression of my current research and practice interests.

"Tricky Coaching stimulates the exchange of knowledge, ideas and coaching experience among psychologists, coaches and learning and development professionals. With its unique compilation of difficult real-life coaching cases it provides an eye-opening learning opportunity and supports the professional development of psychologists in the fast growing area of leadership coaching."

- J. David Brewer, PhD, President of the Society of Consulting Psychology, A division of the American Psychological Association


This groundbreaking book takes an unusually objective look at the realities of executive coaching from the coach's point of view. In a departure from most books on this topic, we have invtited coaches who work with senior executives and star performers to share their insights about the difficulties of coaching.

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